The Government Administrators Association is a labor association that represents Executive, Managerial, Professional, and Supervisory employees at Wayne County, 3rd Judicial Circuit Court, 36th District Court, Wayne County Probate Court, Wayne County Airport Authority, Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority, and Wayne County Jail Medical.  The Association represents the membership in all phases of the collective bargaining process, contract administration, and dispute resolution. 

GAA further works to enhance the recognition of the career public servant.  We recognize our responsibility of providing truly effective representation by working cooperatively with these employers so that the public realizes improved and cost-efficient service.

As an organization oriented toward enlightened management, we foster and support professionalism in job performance and discourage adversarial relations with our employers.  Additionally, we encourage applying that extra effort which exemplifies outstanding employees and public servants.

To assist members, GAA has bargaining for and received paid benefits to attend training sessions designed to enhance professional-managerial development. 

The GAA philosophy is best explained by our motto of “Working for Better Government Through Better People.”

To Your Benefit

Membership in the Government Administrators Association assures its members of:
✓ Professional representation by our Association Executive, David W. Skillman, and GAA legal counsel,
✓ Representation in Collective Bargaining: The Association aggressively pursues the betterment of working conditions for all positions represented by the bargaining unit,
✓ Consultation and advice available at the GAA office, and from our Area Representatives and Association Officers,
✓ Regular flow of GAA information disseminated through various channels such as our newsletter the GAAzette, periodic membership memos, occasional on-location lunchtime meetings, membership and program meetings,
✓ Active participation of the membership through committees such as Audit, Budget, Events, Awards, Political Education, Grievance Screening, Nominating, and Election.
We hope you realize that you have become part of an extremely active, viable, and successful organization. We invite and encourage your active participation as well.