General Fund Chapter Election Results

At the GAA membership meeting held November 22, 2021, Cassandra McDonald was nominated for Chapter President, D’Angela Murray was nominated for Chapter Vice-President, Kienda Ivy was nominated for Chapter Secretary, and Joseph Budzinski, Kimberly Dotch-Heard, Beatrice Golden, Candace Jenkins, Dennis Leannais, D’Angela Murray, Candace Robinson, Jackie Szafranski were nominated for the 7 Chapter Representatives to the Executive Board. 

Joseph Budzinski declined his nomination for Chapter Representative, and D’Angela Murray declined the nomination for Chapter Vice-President but accepted the nomination for Chapter Representative to the Executive Board.   All other nominees accepted their nominations.  As no positions are opposed, there will be no ballot, and all officers are elected by acclamation. The term of office for these officers begins January 1, 2022, and ends December 31, 2023.

GAA General Fund Chapter Officers

General Fund Chapter President:                      Cassandra McDonald

General Fund Chapter Vice-President:              Vacant

General Fund Chapter Secretary:                       Kienda Ivy

7 General Fund Chapter Representatives to the Executive Board:

                                                                                   Kimberly Dotch-Heard

                                                                                   Beatrice Golden

                                                                                   Candace Jenkins

                                                                                   Dennis Leannais

                                                                                   D’Angela Murray

                                                                                   Candace Robinson

                                                                                   Jackie Szafranski