Winner, GAA’s Relax and Un-Wine Contest

The winner of the Relax and Un-wine Gift Basket is Cardarrine Ilene Jenkins from the 3rd Judicial Circuit Court Chapter. The Gift basket is valued at approximately $450 and includes a premium hand massage, luxury throw blanket, three bottles of wine, glasses for two, and many other surprises.

The following is Ms. Jenkin's winning entry:  "I must put action behind my words. My voice is my union. I will step up to the plate and be active by doing the following:
  1. Stay informed about union activities.
  2. Read and understand the contract.
  3. Communicate all my work concerns with union leadership.
  4. Become a member of a standing committee.
  5. Show my Union Pride.
  6. Attend all union meetings and encourage my co-workers the importance of being active in the union.
  7. Get trained regarding the grievance procedure so I know when it is appropriate to file a grievance.
  8. Participate in union elections and vote for those that can and will make a difference within my Chapter.
  9. Be part of the solution and not the problem.” All items were donated.