About Us

StaffDavid Skillman, Association Executive
Patricia Peña, Deputy Association Executive
Shemika Jamison, Administrative Assistant
Membership500 Plus Members
Fiscal YearJanuary 1; annual budget adopted by the Executive Board at the November
meeting and by the members at the December meeting.
Dues$25 per pay period, one time $20 initiation fee
PublicationsGAAzette (triennially)
AwardsGAA Member of the Year – for job dedication, employment recognition, notable
accomplishments and significant contributions to the general membership. Any
active member may nominate another member who has been a member in good
standing for a year. Nomination forms are distributed in October of each year.

Years of Service presented to those who have actively participated in GAA
Leadership as an Officer, Executive Board member or Area Representative.
Area Representatives are appointed to provide, as much as possible,
geographical coverage. They represent members at initial grievance stages
and generally serve as a liaison with the Association. Collectively, they act
as the Association Grievance Screening Committee. The number of
Area Representatives is governed by the various Collective Bargaining

Committees (standing)
Audit – Annual inspects books and records.
Budget – prepares and submits annual budget.
Political Education – determined allocation of contributions to political
candidates/causes. Develop fundraising programs for political contributions.
Nominating – submits names of candidates for GAA offices/
Elections – supervises and conducts elections.
GovernanceThe GAA Constitution specifies an Association-wide election of President,
Secretary, and Treasurer in the Fall of every even numbered year for a two year
term commencing the following January 1st. In addition, to these officers, the
Executive Board which is the Association’s governing body, is composed of one
representative from each Chapter for each 40 Chapter members. These
representatives are elected in accordance with their respective Chapter By-Laws
and also serve a two-year term. Each of the GAA Chapters elects officers
and members of their Board of Directors. Elections for the General Fund Chapter,
DWIHN Chapter, and the Wayne County Airport Authority Chapter are in odd-
numbered years and all other chapters are elected in even numbered years. The
WCPNC Chapter elects the President, 2nd Vice-President, and 2 Directors at
Large for the Health Department in even numbered years and the
1st Vice President, Secretary, and Director at Large JDF in odd-numbered years.
ChaptersWayne County Airport Authority Chapter
General Fund Chapter
Professional Engineers Chapter
Third Circuit Court Chapter
36th District Court Chapter
Wayne County Professional Nurse Chapter
Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network
Probate Court Unit
Jail Medical Unit