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Administrative Assistant
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Lorenzo Blount
Association Executive
Lorenzo A. Blount is the Association
Executive for the Government
Administrators Association.  Lorenzo
succeeded Lawrence N. Verbiest,
who retired after twenty-three years in
that capacity.

Lorenzo brings a wealth of knowledge
to this role, having served as a labor
consultant to the Association for
several months prior to being
appointed. He was highly instrumental
in finalizing several bargaining
agreements in these most difficult

Lorenzo is a practicing attorney who
brings extensive experience in both
law and executive administration.  He
retired from Wayne County in 2009,
with 34 years of credited service.  At
the time of his retirement from the
County, Lorenzo was Director of the
Roads Division of the Department of
Public Services.  

Most significantly, Lorenzo was the
Chief Labor Relations Negotiator for
Wayne County earlier in his career,
and he also worked for the City of
Detroit for many years in Personnel
and Labor Relations. These
experiences have proved to be
invaluable in his new role as GAA
Association Executive.

We welcome Lorenzo A. Blount as the
Association’s Executive and look
forward to a long and productive
working relationship.
Margaret Keyes-Howard
Association President
Association Treasurer
Ann Mosley
Association Secretary