Adopted by Resolution of the Government Administrators Association
Executive Board September 13, 1994

Upon notification of possible disciplinary action or violation of the contract, the GAA office should be contacted immediately (by either the grievant or
the Area Representative).

The GAA office will assign and contact an Area Representative to the grievance, who will in turn, contact the grievant to review the situation and/or
attend any meeting that is called by management and notification will be given to the Chapter President.

The Area Representative will then meet with or advise the GAA office of the nature of the grievance and the status and notification will be given to
the Chapter President.

If the matter is not resolved, the Area Representative along with the GAA office will review the grievance and conduct further investigation to
determine the next course of action.

If it is decided to advance the grievance to the next step, the Area Representative with the assistance of the office will prepare the written grievance
and present it to the proper Management Representative.

If it is still unresolved, the Association Executive, along with the President and Area Representative will meet and discuss the merits of further

Aggrieved members may appeal the action or decision of the Association staff or Area Representative to the Grievance Screening Committee. Any
appeal should be in writing and promptly mailed (within 5 business days of the action or decision) to the Association President, c/o the GAA office.

Per contractual language, the Nurses Chapter Grievance Procedure is as follows:

Wayne County Professional Nurses Council will follow Article 10 Grievance Procedure in the contract agreement between Wayne County and
Government Administrators Association representing Unit I – Unit II and the Special Duty Nurses.

Copies of grievances filed along with supporting documents must be forwarded  to the GAA office.  These documents may be mailed or faxed to
3031 W. Grand Blvd, Suite 415
Detroit, MI 48202
Fax 313-224-0064